The Mighty World of Marvel No.89 (June 15th 1974)

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A stunning all round complete comic issued on 15th June 1974, this full undamaged comic features the Incredible Hulk battling with The Glob, conservation framed in a twin black mount and glass both sides to view, framed in a 15mm wide matt black wood moulding. The back page shows an advert for Stick on Patches

Overall frame size is; 290mm x 360mm

All comics are framed with condition and preservation an absolutely priority, with grading regarded as VG to Fine+, as such they are an investment as well as as superb present for all ages to enjoy and increase in value.
Our technique involves floating the comic between two mounts with the use of taping and gluing to the comic to ensure un-wanted damage.

Contact us if you require an issue that crosses over a birthday or in fact another memorable day. We may not have it in stock but we may be able to give you some options.