World War 1 ' Acrylic Tommy' Commemorative display **Exclusive to Mancave-collectables**

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EXCLUSIVE to Mancave Collectables and working alongside numerous war veteran charities we are proud to put together a design to showcase this years Centenery 1918- 2018 end of the 1st World War in the shape of the Acryllic Tommy. With a beautiful back drop photo with reflects both the poppy fields and the trodden path together  with the fire and fury of the skies the ghostly figure really is a stunning reflection the heartfelt time of war and survival.

The Tommy's can be bought on-line by yourselves at '' for around £33.00 including taxes and postage. they can be posted onto me for framing or i do have a small number framed and in stock complete. The overall completed price is for Tommy supplied by ourselves

Framed in a silver ornate age related frame that reflects the image beautifully

Framing overwise would be in the region of £70 The height of the Tommy is 280mm high x 120mm at its widest point, the base is 80mm square

We can even incorporate a veterans name into the backdrop photo when ordered free of charge